How To Use the Violet Flame Daily

Violet flame is a spiritual energy; it is the holy spirit essence, that revitalizes and invigorates us. The Violet Flame transforms our negative thoughts and feelings into positive energy. The violet flame provides a platform for our healing both physically and spiritually.

I AM the Violet Flame is a powerful mantra. It is short, and by repeating it many times —  with focused intent — you can build a strong momentum of Violet Flame around you.

 You can also learn how to use Saint Germain’s Violet Flame mantra for the Aquarian Age:

I AM a being of Violet Fire.
I AM the purity God desires.

Here’s how to use this powerful flame. Visualize yourself surrounded by the violet flame. See it in your mind’s eye coming to life as if you were looking at a movie. The flames in different shades and gradations of purple, pink and violet rise and pulsate around you.

See these flames pass through your body, caressing each organ and restoring wholeness. See them saturating your mind and your emotions. See them saturating all your problems, relieving all burdens.

Try giving this mantra for 15 minutes for 30 days and see how its wondrous effects have changed your world.


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