The White Fire Core

The White Fire Core is the center of God’s Being. It is the nucleus of life, the core of being from the highest planes of consciousness to the humblest atom. It is also the fiery center of your I AM Presence as well as of your chakras and the rays of God’s individuality.

The white-fire core is the focus of Spirit becoming Matter and Matter becoming Spirit. Thus in the Great Central Sun (the center of the Spirit-Matter cosmos) and in the heart of every atom, the spiritual sun and the physical sun coexist. The white fire core is the point of origin for all creation. Here and only here can creation be born.

Your divine plan was ordained in the beginning when the blueprint of life was impressed upon the white fire core of your  I AM Presence. This plan runs as a thread through all your lifetimes. Your divine plan determines the limits of your individual expression of free will, and your soul is destined to realize the fullness of your preordained (but not predestined) potential.

Our website tagline at the top of this site is  entitled “The White Fire Core of North America.” We are stating that we are the nucleus of the atom for North America, the spiritual center. Over the years the Ascended Masters have delivered messages in the Twin Cities or about the Twin Cities. At one point, it was stated that Minneapolis and Saint Paul were the focus of Alpha and Omega in the North American continent. Accordingly, these twin cities are the white fire core of North America.

In 1991, Elizabeth Clare Prophet stated: “They [The Summit Lighthouse of Minneapolis/Saint Paul] are holding the balance for America …. And the great thing about Minneapolis – the one thing I want to remind them – is that they…. should be the highest vibrating center in the world, apart from [the headquarters of The Summit Lighthouse  in Montana].”


In the photo of Andromeda, the nearest galaxy to our own, the white fire core is clearly seen. (This image was taken by UV light.)

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