Teachings on the Jesus Watch

– from our Services and Rituals Manual, as sent out recently by the office of the Spiritual Director:

Jesus said that his Sacred Heart would be superimposed upon us as we give the Watch weekly. In 1987, he asked us to renew our commitment to giving the Watch, that he might increase the Christ consciousness in the earth:

“Therefore, the Watch itself is for the opening of the heart that a door might exist where I might enter and thence release to the earth renewed Light and Presence, beloved, that you might understand that through you I desire-I, Jesus, your brother desire-to increase the Christ conscious­ness in the earth, that upon this foundation all other Servant-Sons of heaven and heavenly hosts might indeed build the new age, magnetize the little children and devour the Darkness abroad.”
(Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 30, no. 56, November 25, 1987)

The giving of the Watch is treated as a meditation with participants seated throughout the ritual.  The Holy Spirit is the true conductor of this service.  It is an opportunity to practice and exercise the discipline of absolute concentration.  This means going deep within to the hidden man of the heart.

Healing begins with oneness with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. There is no healing without the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  During the Watch we can bring to him the points of nonresolution in our psychology and with family members and reestablish our weekly tie to Jesus.

Mother said that during the Jesus Watch, we establish a tie to each member of the Holy Family: Saint Germain as Joseph our father, Jesus as our brother and Mary as our Mother.  When the Holy Family is there with us, we have opportunity for healing in our relationship with the Father, the Son and the Mother as well as healing in our relationships with our own family members.  Mother explained:

“I like to think of the Jesus’ Watch as an opportunity for one to feel that Jesus is a family member, a member of the holy family.  ‘Jesus, my brother, is there to save me, to love me, to bring me up to his level.  My mother is there, Mother Mary, and my father is there, beloved Saint Germain.’

“As you become part of that holy family, your heart will soften, the rough edges will disappear and you will have a better relationship to your children and to your immediate family and even to your relatives.  That is the healing process.”

In 1989, Mother gave specific instruction on the conducting of the “Watch With Me,” Jesus’ Vigil of the Hours, particularly regarding people who arrive late and who come and go during the service, all of which are a disruption to the forcefield.

Mother said that during the singing of the opening song, “Jesus of Galilee,” Jesus places his Electronic Presence over those who are in attendance at what he calls our “Wednesday Evening Mass.” Therefore, he requires that everyone who attends this Mass be in their seats before the song has concluded.  Once the very last note has sounded, the temple must be sealed and no one may enter until the conclusion of the Child’s Rosary.

Mother commented that it takes a great deal of concentration and meditation to sustain Jesus’ Presence around us and the weaving of this filigree of Light as Jesus comes to mesh his Light Body with ours.  He is weaving his body to our own to assist us to heal the holes and tears in our auras, the burdens of our souls and of our four lower bodies.

So each time our attention is broken and the forcefield is disrupted, even if we may not be looking at anything with our eyes, it collapses something of the forcefield and the sanctity, the holiness of the experience and of the entire pattern in the whole room.  It is as though we are all interconnected as a honeycomb, each one being a cell within that comb, a geometric vessel for the honey of the Lord.